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Kemper System is the market leader in the global liquid waterproofing sector. Many of the best known and most important structures around the world are on Kemper Systems list of references. Kemper Systems good reputation as a specialist for solving difficult waterproofing tasks have made them a much sought-after international partner for architects, planners, developers and contractors.

All the waterproofing systems of Kemperol product range are based on liquid resins. They harden after being applied, form a full bond with the substrate and create a seamless, waterproofing surface coating. As each product is applied as a liquid, even the most difficult substrate situations can be reliably waterproofed.



  • Seamless
  • Full bond with substrate, no lifting due to wind suction.
  • Permanently resilient from -30 to +90 C
  • Root & Rot resistant, ideal for green roofs.
  • Applied as cold liquid, no naked flames.
  • Bridges cracks up to 2mm wide.
  • Solvent free, odourless system ( 2K-PUR)
  • Certified 25 year life expectancy.
  • Resistant to UV radiation and embrittlement.
  • Vapour-permeable.
  • 2K-PUR LEED Certified





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