Africa Transformation Projects (Pty) Ltd


Welcome to our website!

Africa Transformation Projects (Pty) Ltd is a newly established business undertaking a range of sustainable projects in the built environment sector. Along with these projects it seeks to create social entrepreneurial empowerment programmes that will provide gainful  employment to many of the unemployed youth of South Africa.


Our goal is to qualitatively bridge the gap between unemployed and employed to have the unemployed become self employed by establishing a society where ordinary citizens are intellectually, economically and socially empowered. Africa Transformation Projects (Pty) Ltd aims to fulfil the need for vocational training and provide entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals who have previously struggled to find meaningful employment.


Through our distribution of Kemper Systems range of Liquid Waterproofing and Surfacing Products and Lehutso' Paving - "Paving with Hope" we have created opportunities for self employment as well as enhancing the skills level of existing contractors.





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