Africa Transformation Projects (Pty) Ltd


About Us

Africa Transformation Projects (Pty) Ltd are the distributors for Kemper System Africa and creators of Lehutso' Paving - "Paving with Hope" a Social Entrepreneurial Empowerment Program. Our aim is to close the gap of unemployment by introducing world class products and services and train ordinary citizens to become skilled artisans in our waterproofing and paving industry.


Kemper System - Liquid Waterproofing and Surfacing System is a world class leader in waterproofing solutions. Kemper Systems liquid resin-based system Kemperol is a dependable solution that protects and waterproofs structures under the toughest, most demanding conditions. Liquid, wet-on-wet waterproofing systems are the state-of-the-art solution for a variety of substrates and difficult problematic projects.



Lehutso' Paving "Paving with Hope" - Africa Transformation Projects (Pty) Ltd created the paving system as a Social Entrepreneurial Empowerment Program with the sole purpose of Self Employment. Lehutso' Paving will be sold as a complete business tool kit.